Monday, March 30, 2009

The Sky is Falling on Gov. Paterson

The numbers pretty much speak for themselves here. It looks to us like Republicans in NY-20 should have tried to make their race more about Gov. Paterson then Obama. Both leaders are on their way to dwarf Bush's historic all-time-disapproval levels. But Paterson is such an obvious target because pretty soon if you ask 100 people in New York what they think of the Gov, 101 will tell you they hate him.

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Anonymous said...

Heard on the news on Fox this AM that dems are requesting Patterson to not run because of poor ratings.
From St. Law. Cty, now residing in FL. Love the homestead exemption here. plus no state tax.
As far as this admin (Dems) all I see are a bunch of thugs out to fill their own pockets and NY is the worst, bested only by DC