Saturday, October 18, 2008

How can we let a woman with no policy experience go to Albany???

Is Addie really ready to lead? NO.

It's not that she lacks experience... It's not that she isn't running a good campaign. But, to me, it seems that she hasn't got the slightest clue as to how to articulate her policy ideas. I mean, you have to admit that it would be quite funny to see her actually try to draft a bill herself. Don't you agree?

She's essentially a puppet to the labor unions as was evidenced by WDT this week; she is taking $$$ from the same labor unions that want to take away your right to a secret ballot if Barack Obama takes over the White House. So what it comes down to is this -- Addie is a puppet of the labor bosses in UpState New York, whom some have been known to call the bosses the Good Old Boys Network of our towns and communities.

What I am really trying to get at is that Addie talks in the vaguest of terms... notice how she says things like: "I want to lower property taxes. I want affordable health care. I want to help upstate New York." What an insult to our intelligence. It is as if she thinks Republicans don't want the same. What a rich claim - you really want to help UpState New York... no kidding. But the proof is in the pudding... and in the pudding there is no substance. Addie just leaves a bland taste in your mouth when she is done. Let me be clear: we are not judging Addie's sincerity. We are simply questioning her ability to lead and promote substantive policy before the NYS Assembly (which would be her job if she were elected).

What we are talking about in politics today (or what we should be talking about) is how we can make UpState New York a stronger and more economically secure place to live during these challenging times. When running for office a politician should also have details about how to implement their plans, not just the plan itself.

For example, if one were to say, "I want to bring business to upstate New York and create jobs." They could follow it up by at least saying something like, "We do that by lowering our property taxes, convincing our local legislators to rein in local government spending, inviting investment capital into our region with tax incentives, allowing transparency and secret voting in labor unions, and supporting nuclear power in the North Country."

However, it makes me laugh that Addie is so elusive on not just these key policy issues, but also her goals and priorities as a legislator. I see her passion, but I sense her insecurity and her inability to articulate her vision and her policies. Call me crazy, but that's not what we need in Albany. We need someone who has a clear head, a solid vision for the North Country, and the skills to articulate our needs to the leadership in our state's capitol.

How can Addie fight for you and other working families when she doesn't even have a plan? Your guess is as good as mine.


Joe Farmer said...

I wonder what Addie R.'s position is on free trade. My agricultural products get sent to other countries to help make a profit and pay our farmers. I have never heard her talk about it before. How does she feel about H-2B visas? What does she think about the re-importation of prescription drugs?

Anonymous said...

Addie would be a disaster in Albany. Trust me, I know her.

Anonymous said...

Are you dumb? Did you even seek out any info on her? What exactly do you think Cantwell sitting with the GOP MINORITY in the assembly would do to deliver for the N.C.? What plans of Cantwells do you think are better than hers? What kind of experience does Cantwell have over her? Seek out some info, look at her plans, compare an intelligent human being, and a knowledgable voter, and then write an article. Sometimes it might be "the lesser of two evils, but I can guarantee you Addie will be a much better leader than Cantwell.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Surely you jest here. Russell has articulated a vision for the north country in the various plans she has for jobs, alternative energy, healthcare, and the economy. And she also talks about that fact that we can't just sit up here with our hands out, looking like a pauper, begging Albany. She is a motivator for this area to put its best foot forward.
Addie is clearly the right choice for the 118th Assembly seat.

Anonymous said...

You mean the unions have articulated the vision for her. She is their puppet through and through. I want someone who can think for themselves, not just do what the corrupt unions want. That's the problem here... the local unions answer to the national unions. The national unions don't have the North Country's best interest at mind and thus Addie Russell isn't helping us. She is just supporting the same tired policies and she doesn't have the will to improve or advance our interests.